Gratsy is community designed to help consumers like you, discover products and experiences that you will love.  We like to think of it as sampling reinvented. We cut through the noise to match you to samples and offers based on information you provide about your interests and lifestyle. It is a surprising way to discover products you might not have tried, but are likely to love!



The Gratsy community is completely free to join! Seriously, no credit card required.

The sign up process is easy - we ask you a few questions about yourself to help us match you to samples and offers. We communicate to you through our Gratsy Messenger Bot - its quick and easy!

Sound too good to be true? There is one catch - to remain eligible for future samples and offers, we ask you to provide your feedback on the promotions you receive.


As a thank you, we will make a donation to a charitable organization - we call it "Feedback to Give Back"!


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