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Gratsy is a community where you can connect and find your new favorite products! We get to know you, so that we can send you personalized samples and offers we think you will enjoy.

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How It Works

It’s simple - tell us about yourself and your interests, and we’ll reach out with specially curated experiences we think you will enjoy.

It’s free to join the Gratsy community - no really, no credit card required! Sound too good to be true? All we ask is that you provide feedback on the products and offers we send you. 

As a thank you, we will make a donation to charity. We call it Feedback to Give Back!

Get ready for the best mail day ever!

Check out some of the amazing experiences and offers the Gratsy community has enjoyed in the past!

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“I love when I’m able to try items before purchasing. Gratsy has introduced me to so many products that I wouldn't have thought to try, but ended up loving and now purchase regularly! The care that Gratsy puts into matching me to products and offers feels like a best friend who just gets me. I love getting mail from Gratsy!”
Gratsy Community Member, Sarah