Gratsy for Business


Gratsy offers a wide range of solutions to help accelerate your brand and collapse the purchase funnel.  We engage consumers at multiple key points throughout their omni-channel shopping journey.

Snack Time Anytime

Direct to Home Experiences

Gratsy gives brands a modern alternative to traditional product seeding by delivering relevant products & offers directly to the doorstep of relevant consumers prior to a purchase decision.

Key Features

Physical Brand Experiences

Product sampling

Branded swag / promotional items

Physical gift cards

Printed inserts

Digital Brand Experiences

Mobile wallet gift cards

Custom microsites

Interactive content

Multi-Channel Distribution

Direct Mail


Push Notifications


Social Links


Consumer Targeting

We match brands to their target consumer through first party data from our engaged community. All of our product experiences are invitation only, ensuring a qualified engagement.

Key Features

Audience Segmentation

Demographic segmentation

Preference segmentation

Predictive segmentation

Pre-Campaign Survey

Custom survey sent to consumers to create a unique brand specific audience sub-segment

Double Qualification

Increase engagement & conversion by ensuring only interested consumers receive the experience.


Amplification & Advocacy

We amplify awareness of your brand’s product or services through social influencer promotions & earned media in the form of organic user generated content.

Key Features

Influencer Marketing

Influencer content development

Paid social amplification

Paid Media

Video & display ads

Native ads

Paid social ads

Earned Media

User generated content

Gratsy social media platforms

Public relations


Translating Insights Into Sales

Gather actionable consumer insights in the form of feedback surveys & product reviews, and incentivize a future purchase through targeted promotions sent directly to those consumers most likely to convert.

Key Features

Consumer Insights

Post-campaign surveys

Product reviews

Purchase Conversion

Add-to-Cart links

Offers & rebates

Retargeting to brand enthusiasts

Custom Reporting

Actionable insights summary

Reach, impressions and engagement

Social listening recap

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