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Jump Start Your January

Updated: Jan 26

We don't know about you, but we just finally got used to writing 2021 instead of 2020! We wanted to share some tips and ideas for the new year. From the team here at Gratsy, our goal this spring is to provide you with samples and offers that help you find new favorites and get into new routines. That’s why this month, we thought we’d offer up some new things for us to try together. We’ve come up with a few simple activities to try as a small way to jump start your January!

1. What's that hobby you've always thought you'd like to try? Mark it on your calendar and try it! Set aside a few hours, gather the needed supplies, and give it a go! Didn't end up loving it? At least you tried it! And now you can cross that hobby off of your list and move on to the next one. Or if you loved it, set aside regular time each month to keep at it!

2. Who is someone you've been meaning to reconnect with? Pick up the phone and give them a buzz! Or schedule a video call with a couple of friends to catch up. You can take it one step further and have a virtual game night! Make 2021 a year of reconnecting with those you love - even just one person a week.

3. Find a book on your bookshelf that you have never read and sit down and crack it open! Or maybe its a magazine or audio book that you've had on your list. Or try listening to a podcast that you've been meaning to make time for! Whatever the format, set aside time to enjoy something reading or listening to something new.

4. Try a new recipe! Why not make a new dinner time tradition for 2021 like 'Try it Thursday'. Its simple - pick a recipe you've been wanting to try and make it! The key is to make a point to try a new recipe every Thursday. Bonus if you make enough and take a plate to a neighbor (socially distanced of course). Not sure where to start? Meal kits are a great place to start, and we've got a special offer for the Gratsy community from our friends at Home Chef.

5. Get active for a few minutes every day for a whole week. Don't worry, we aren't asking you to commit to running a marathon - just try being active in some way. Maybe its taking a walk, trying some stretches, or even a kitchen dance party! You can even get the whole family involved. Make it a goal to be active and move for a few minutes each day.

Remember that when it comes to new routines, progress is the key, not perfection. Post a picture of your 2021 goals and tag #GratsyGoals2021 so we can cheer you on! As a community, we can all inspire one another.

To help with your 2021 goal planning, we have a limited number of Gratsy calendar magnets. Chat with us here to claim one before they’re gone! We are so thankful for our community and your ongoing support of Team Gratsy and others in the community!

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