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Ideas for Celebrating Holidays at Home

We know that for many, the holidays this year will look a little different. From our Gratsy family to yours, we wanted to share some of our favorite ideas for celebrating the holidays at home! For those of you looking for some fun ways to celebrate, we’ve got some ideas for you and your family to make some holiday memories, or at least pass some time together!

1. Christmas Movie Night

Bring the theater experience to your living room! Make tickets, dress up for the festivities, have kids make a movie poster advertising the film, and make some themed snacks to enjoy. To really get into the holiday spirit, set up the living room like a movie theatre or move pillows and blankets to the ground and make it a comfy movie night.

2. Family Cooking Show

Trying a new recipe this holiday season? Or is this the year, the kids learn how to bake? Why not set up your phone or a camera and film it! Pretend you’re hosting a holiday cooking show, come up with a name for your show, and have the whole family join the production. You can video call in far away family for extra fun.

3. Puzzle Party

This is a great activity for all ages and skill levels. Get floor puzzles for the kids, or create a spot in the house designated for puzzles for the whole family! If your family is feeling competitive, divide into teams and race to see who can complete their puzzle first!

4. Living Room Camp Out

Pitch a tent or make a fort, to read stories in, play a game in, or even eat in! The whole family can enjoy a camping inspired dinner in the fort, or make some hot chocolate and enjoy it inside your tent. (This can also be in the backyard if you live in an area that is weather permitting!)

5. DIY Christmas Sweaters

Instead of buying a traditional Christmas sweater, try making your own! Start with an old sweater or sweatshirt. Get out all of your decorating supplies, hot glue guns, extra Christmas decorations and start assembly! It's an arts and craft project and a lesson in repurposing items all in one!

6. Christmas Themed Photo Shoot

In a fun twist, let the kids be photographer and/or costume designer! Even if you don't send out Christmas cards, it’s a fun activity to get kids in the spirit and create some really fun photos to remember Christmas 2020 for years to come. If you made DIY Christmas sweaters, wear them in the photos!

7. Homemade Christmas Cards

Pull out paper, crayons, markers, paints and magazines and have the kids create some sweet Christmas cards. Hang them around the house or share them with your neighbors. We could all use a little more cheer this year, and why not share the holiday spirit with your neighbors? Socially distanced, of course!

8. DIY Salt Ornaments

Yet another fun idea to share with others, is a simple craft that lets kids (and adults!) express their creativity. All you need is items found in most kitchens - flour, salt and water (about a 4:1:1.5 ratio). Mix the ingredients together, then shape into ornaments. Let them dry, then bake at a low temperature until they harden. (Don't forget to make a hole for a string loop.) When they're dry, you can paint or decorate the ornaments, then hang on the tree to enjoy!

9. Christmas Course

Move the chairs and couches, grab blankets, crates, laundry hampers, or anything around the house and begin construction! Create a maze with various Christmas destinations along the way. The North Pole - check! Santa's workshop - check! The whole family can join in on this holiday themed adventure without ever leaving home.

10. Family Baking Competition

Divide the family into teams, pick a baking theme, set some friendly competition rules, and have a holiday bake off! Each team will have to make and submit their creation. Create team names, shirts, and banners to add extra competition to the mix. Maybe losers have to clean up? Winners get to pick the next family movie night? No matter who wins, this activity will create fun memories and yummy treats.

We hope you and your family can create some fond and creative memories this holiday season! While this year may look different than most, memories can still be made at home, and in being present and making the time count.

We here at Gratsy are so thankful for you, our community, and we are working hard to make more special moments possible for you! Happy holidays!

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