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Gratsy is a brand acceleration platform that creates buzzworthy consumer experiences across the most relevant physical and digital touchpoints of today’s omni-channel consumer journey. Connecting with the Gratsy community is an effective method for personalized customer acquisition.

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The Gratsy Difference

Gratsy can help your brand engage with a hyper targeted audience through our engaged community built on first part data. Gratsy gives brands a modern day alternative to in-store & on-site product discovery, winning the purchase decision before the consumer ever steps foot in store or shops online.


Gratsy offers a wide range of solutions to help accelerate your brand and collapse the purchase funnel.  Our shoppable product experiences are completely customizable, and can be scaled for efficiency and impact. These curated experiences are delivered directly to qualified consumers, resulting in advocacy through user generated content. Insights and reviews from these recipients create actionable data points, and directly translate to sales. Gratsy creates connections with the potential for lifetime value while also sparking relevant social conversations.

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