Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Gratsy community?
You can sign up to join our community through the Gratsy app. The app is available for iOS or Android.
Is Gratsy really free?
Gratsy is completely free to join, and we do not ask for credit card information. If you have questions about Gratsy, you can find our privacy policy and terms & conditions here on our website.
How do I know if I will be receiving a specific sample or offer?
Samples and offers in the Gratsy community are curated so there is limited availability. We will notify you when samples or offers are headed your way! Even if you don’t receive a specific sample, you are eligible for future samples and offers from Gratsy.
How can I change my address or other information?
You can edit your profile within the app, including your address.
Can I choose the charity for Gratsy to donate to?
At this time charitable donations will be determined by Gratsy and our participating brand partners.
I've changed my mind - can I unsubscribe?
If you are sure you do not want to receive free samples and offers from Gratsy, you can delete the app. Just a reminder, we do not ask for any credit card information, and it is completely free to join the Gratsy community.

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